January 19th, 2019

Wow! What a tremendous beginning!!!

Guys, it has been so busy that i have not been able to update the blog.

We opened the doors on October 26th with a Grand Opening party, over 100 people attending. Then straight into the holidays. Within our first month, we had completed over 100 frame projects. Every time we hit a 100 milestone we will donate $100 to Advocates for Children in our county of Bartow. We delivered our first check and look forward to delivering our next check shortly. We also have artwork for sale where all proceeds go to the same organization. Stop by to see what is available today.

Later this month I will be traveling to Vegas for a Framing Expo, West Coast Framing Expo. I am signed up for 12 classes that are focused on expanding my techniques… super duper excited!!

In February we will be adding a variety of classes: Clay Slab Classes, Paper Making, DIY Framing, Windchimes, and Jewelry classes. Stay tuned to our calendar for class schedule.

A HUGE thank you to Cartersville for the tremendous support and love you all have showed so far. I hope this relationship will last 20+ years!!!

October 12th, 2018

What a ride it has been! And we aren’t done yet.

Today was supposed to be move in date, unfortunately 14 S. Wall Street is not ready for occupancy yet… so our Grand Opening date has pushed.

The good news is when you re-visit where we came from on May 1st…. to today. HUGE Strides, so we will focus on what has happened and not what is yet to happen.

The new awning was installed last night, and it is stunning!!

The Floors turned out so much better than I had imagined. The paint colors are perfect, the ceiling and the A/C unit - gorgeous… everything is just gorgeous.

Now if I could just get the electrical and plumbing done…. maybe we can get our CO and then business license….. (chanting has commenced) Ommmmmmm

Sept 24th, 2018

Grand Opening Date Set! - Delayed

The building owner has committed to a completion date, Oct 9th, which makes it possible for us to open the shop by the Bluegrass Festival!!

Everything is lining up.. Pinch me! This is really happening!

I must say, this idea first came to me in 1985, then resurfaced strongly in 1995 when I was an ambassador for the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce and in the Leadership Committee. I wanted to be part of a small town community.

Life happened and I had to set that dream aside, but it never died.

5 years ago we moved to Cartersville, and then I knew this had to happen. Cartersville was the small town I had dreamed about.

Now, in just 4 short weeks… i get to open the doors.

I am honored by the talented artists that have joined us in this adventure. They can visualize my dream as well.

And one last thought is for Sally Ann and Gale Freeman (the original owners of the two shops that I am combining), I thank them for what they each established. They are the reason that my dream is able to come to fruition. (hugs and thoughtful prayers)

Joe, my husband has been so busy crafting my counters and supporting my dream. I love you!

And my Mom… who has supported and encouraged my crazy artistic approach to life from the moment I came into this world. I love you!

September 6th, 2018

Still no date yet for the Grand Opening. Now targeting Mid October. 

The wait will be worth it. This building is over 113 years old and was in desperate need for some tender loving care... it is getting that love now.

When we dug into the old girl, her floors, pipes and electrical were beyond repair.  The bricks were all handmade when the original walls went up, so extra care needs to be taken to protect the walls.  When you come in, ask to see the fireplace we found!  YEP!  A fireplace!

Susan, the building owner is taking the steps to restore the building with care... and that takes time.

Everything happens for a reason, so I am sure it will be worth the wait.

In the mean time, we have secured over 20 artists so far with more to review. Their offerings include Pottery, Jewelry, Paintings, Photography, Woodworking, fiber art, Glass lampwork and even our local author Arnold Heflin.

Please come back from time to time to check in on our progress, or just call me directly, 770-386-2923.

Thank you from my whole heart,

Valli B. Millsaps

July 5th, 2018

A lot has happened in the past month!  The floors were completely removed and the drywall against the left wall removed to the original brick! Who knew there was on old fireplace in this location Oh So Many years ago. That brick has not seen the light of day for at least 50+ years!!!

I have 15 artists confirmed, the gallery will begin to build soon... with many others still in communications.  The artists goods are so exciting, Jewelry, lampwork, Claywork, photograhy, lotions, potions and much, much more!!!

The Grand Opening needed to be pushed a week to Saturday, Sept 1st: 10am. But the delay will be worth it.  The shop is having a complete facelift.

I will be offline for a bit, as I am traveling to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria with my mom for our last Hurrah before we get down to business.

Just know this.... I am super excited to be bringing you some of the most adored art of our area, along with some very revered art from the Pacific Coast and our legendary Harold for the custom, quality framing.  I have a lot to learn, but I am willing and eager to take it all in.

Love n Hugs, Valli