Sept 24th, 2018

Grand Opening Date Set! - Delayed

The building owner has committed to a completion date, Oct 9th, which makes it possible for us to open the shop by the Bluegrass Festival!!

Everything is lining up.. Pinch me! This is really happening!

I must say, this idea first came to me in 1985, then resurfaced strongly in 1995 when I was an ambassador for the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce and in the Leadership Committee. I wanted to be part of a small town community.

Life happened and I had to set that dream aside, but it never died.

5 years ago we moved to Cartersville, and then I knew this had to happen. Cartersville was the small town I had dreamed about.

Now, in just 4 short weeks… i get to open the doors.

I am honored by the talented artists that have joined us in this adventure. They can visualize my dream as well.

And one last thought is for Sally Ann and Gale Freeman (the original owners of the two shops that I am combining), I thank them for what they each established. They are the reason that my dream is able to come to fruition. (hugs and thoughtful prayers)

Joe, my husband has been so busy crafting my counters and supporting my dream. I love you!

And my Mom… who has supported and encouraged my crazy artistic approach to life from the moment I came into this world. I love you!